Revenge by Death

The seven members of L.U.C.I.F.E.R are the most feared assassins in the city of Camabine or they were. For six years Ursula has lived with the memory of her friends' deaths at the hands of one of their own. Driven by grief, Ursula left the business and vanished to the northern forests. Until she is offered a chance by a former employer to avenge them especially Lucas, her love. To face off and kill the seventh member who was responsible for their deaths, Rita.


2. Time to start again

Sunlight streamed through the four foot-long pieces of wood that the cottage called a window. Brown leather boots leaned against the leg of the bed, their laces skimmed the ground. A royal blue cloak placed over the wooden chair. The fire was a pile of ashes and thin wisps of smoke and the rusted handle of the pot was about to lose its grip on the body. Ursula's eyes fluttered open and she rolled on her stomach. Onto the cold side of the bed where Lucas had once been. Her hands gripped the sheet tightly for a moment as the memory flashed through her mind before she rose from the bed. 

Ursula gasped as she pulled the strings tight of her black corset and then adjusted the sleeves of her white, frilly shirt underneath the corset. Her hand reached for the cloak when a loud thud hit her door. A sigh let her rose coloured lips and a dagger was taken from the dresser. It was placed at the base of her spine as she opened the door. A man looked down into her frowning face. He walked past her and took a seat at the oak table. Another sigh and the door was slammed shut. 

"Why are you here, Jonathan?" Ursula asked. She pulled the cork out of the bottle with her teeth. Jonathan took the bottle from her and drank straight from it. 

"I spent six years of my life searching for you. You are very good at hiding, the ideal characteristic for someone of your profession. Or are the rumours true?"

"True. My reign of butchering has ended. I am a simple guard for local merchants until my death."

"Not quite what I heard. Four men died after your last encounter. Not left your killing side behind completely after all."

"They perish from the ale or the waters of Ebony River not at my hands," Ursula said. She watched as Jonathan's jaw muscle twitched and he rose sharply to his feet. 

"I did not search in every village and gutter for a grief-stricken and stubborn girl. I am in need of an assassin. Have you forgotten the seal!" Jonathan yelled. He removed a patch of cloth from the leather sack and tossed it to Ursula. His body shook with anger as he studied Ursula's reaction. The cloth was embroidered with the outline of an angel with wings of a raven. A sword in its right hand. 

"Fell from grace by the desire of greed," Ursula whispered before the cloth was tossed on the table. 

"Six years to find me to hand me a cloth." Jonathan inhaled, now calm. 

"Ursula, the second strongest of L.U.C.I.F.E.R whose legacy made villages cower in fear. I did not come here for pleasantries or to give you the cloth. A job needs to be done. To kill Rita," Jonathan said, Ursula's head turned quickly to face him. A flash of anger flashed across her eyes.

"I presumed from your surroundings, you have not heard the stories. Rita had a desire for your Lucas. As the runt of the group, Lucas refused her love as his heart belonged to you. Rita swore revenge and accepted the King's offer. After killing Cornelius, Lucas, Irene, Finn and Edward, Rita married and killed the King on their wedding night. Alyssa, the rightful successor to the throne had inquired about your services."

"Rita may be weak but her knowledge of me makes killing hard," Ursula said.

"She believes you perished. Her mind was put at ease and she has lost the knowledge."

"The coins are yours. Her head is mine."



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