Revenge by Death

The seven members of L.U.C.I.F.E.R are the most feared assassins in the city of Camabine or they were. For six years Ursula has lived with the memory of her friends' deaths at the hands of one of their own. Driven by grief, Ursula left the business and vanished to the northern forests. Until she is offered a chance by a former employer to avenge them especially Lucas, her love. To face off and kill the seventh member who was responsible for their deaths, Rita.


3. The town awaits

Ursula left Jonathan with his horse and went to get hers. The stable was at the edge of her land, cobwebs and hay decorated it. Three horses could be housed there but only her horse was there, Lucas' had been sold soon after his death. Her grey mare looked up and nudged Ursula when she approached her stall. A quick pat on her neck before Ursula walked over the large, wooden chest that held the saddle and bridle. Hidden beneath the saddle was an old stirrup belonging to Lucas' horse. She led the mare to Jonathan and he waited until she was seated.

"We are heading to the town of Lakewood," he said as Ursula put on her hood. The two horses snorted and Jonathan's horse' ears went back, Ursula's shifted her hooves uncomfortably.

"Why Lakewood?"

"Supplies and garments are required. You are not dressed properly for the task. We will discuss things further when we reach Lakewood."


Roses of various colours were coiled around the archway as a young woman approached. She had left her horse at the edge of the path for a fast gateway. It had been six years since she last walked down this path towards the garden. The former Queen was buried in the garden which had been her favourite place in all the land. Tears glistened in the woman's sky blue eyes at the memory. Bluebells were planted beside the grave of her mother but today, it wasn't the one she wanted to see. On the opposite end of the garden, there was a stone statue coated in a thin layer of moss.

"Oh Father, I miss you beyond words. The Kingdom has not been the same since that hag took your life. But I promise that I will avenge you and had hired someone to do so. They arrive on the eve of the ball, the night Rita's blood will spill," the young woman said. The sound of a sword caught her attention, a guard was heading towards her. He paused when he saw her raven hair.

"Princess Alyssa, you should not be here," he said.

"Bart, my father rests here-"

"You will too if you do not leave now. Her Highness wishes to choose a bouquet of roses from here."

"Very well, I will for now."

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