Revenge by Death

The seven members of L.U.C.I.F.E.R are the most feared assassins in the city of Camabine or they were. For six years Ursula has lived with the memory of her friends' deaths at the hands of one of their own. Driven by grief, Ursula left the business and vanished to the northern forests. Until she is offered a chance by a former employer to avenge them especially Lucas, her love. To face off and kill the seventh member who was responsible for their deaths, Rita.


1. The end

"Lucas no!" a voice cried out from among the swarm of soldiers. Sweat glistened down her forehead as she plunged the silver blade into the stomach of her final attacker. The soldier's body hit the mud as she vanished in the crowd. He would join his fellow men at the gates of the afterworld. It was supposed to be a simple job like usual and the sack of money would be in their hands now. The ambush of the King's soldiers had not been part of this job. A gasp in the distance told her that another had fallen, she swore but didn't turn back. Soldiers seemed to move out of her way as if they feared her blade. How many of hers were still standing?

Her brown, leather boots skidded to halt and her once steady heart now a galloping stallion. A soldier stood over the body of Lucas, a sword pointed over his heart. Lucas' sword was just out of reach of his dark red smeared hands. The soldier's foot held him down, the pressure caused Lucas to wheeze. A trail of blood smeared the shiny silver as the soldier prepared the final strike. His decision to leave his helmet on the ground had cost him his life. Mouth opened and closed in utter surprise that his enemy had killed him. Lucas's baby blues looked up into her concerned green eyes and a faint smile formed on his lips. She tore a strip off his black cloak, rolled it up and applied it to the wound his left side. 

"My Ursula," he whispered. 

"You are wrong," Ursula said, her eyes focused on his wound. The battle was forgotten in both of their minds. He grabbed her arm and forced her to look him. Her face told him everything and a shaky hand stroked her cheek. Tears escaped her eyes as her fingers gripped his, refusing to let go. 

"Finn and Irene are gone."

"I know but you are staying here with me."

"The chestnut tree was our first encounter. My Ursula, chestnut hair and the beauty of the moon," Lucas said, he tugged on a strand of her hair. A sigh left his lips and his muscles relaxed. Ursula shook him, tears dripped off her chin and her mind refused to acknowledge the truth. Her hand swiped the mud from his straw coloured hair and placed her head on his chest. Ursula's muscles stiffened as she felt a presence. The soldiers parted and she saw a figure. A smile etched on her face like the cat that got the cream. Her body leaned against the stone wall of a nearby building, a sword loosely held between her fingers. A torn cloak lay crumpled in a heap beside her feet. Her allegiance had changed sides and not to Ursula as she raised the sword at her. 

"Rita, you will pay!" Ursula yelled before a soldier blocked her view. 

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