Revenge by Death

The seven members of L.U.C.I.F.E.R are the most feared assassins in the city of Camabine or they were. For six years Ursula has lived with the memory of her friends' deaths at the hands of one of their own. Driven by grief, Ursula left the business and vanished to the northern forests. Until she is offered a chance by a former employer to avenge them especially Lucas, her love. To face off and kill the seventh member who was responsible for their deaths, Rita.


4. Preparations

The town of Lakewood was in a flurry of activity, stalls lined the streets and merchants selling their various goods. Aromas of fish, meat and freshly baked bread filled the air as did the animal droppings. Sheep and pigs corralled into small, wooden pens and the odd horse being examined by potential buyers. Ursula wrinkled her nose as she dismounted-she preferred villages and the cities of the east, the former for hiding and the latter for jobs. Lakewood was the closest town to the castle and Ursula could see the turrets under the glow of the sun. Her fist clenched and eyes narrowed. Jonathan spoke to a young man lounging against the inn door and he nodded. With the horses gone to the stables, he brought Ursula to a shop at the end of the main square.

"A dressmaker?"

"Yes, your clothes are fine for an assassin but useless for a lady attending a ball," Jonathan said, he pushed the door open and the bell chimed. The dressmaker, a woman in her early thirties with a measuring tape draped around her neck looked up from her sewing and smiled.

"Jonathan, it has been a while," she said, embracing him. Ursula leaned against a row of different shades of blue and gazed at the street outside.

"Apologies Diana, work has me busy. The wife sends her thanks for the dress."

"She is most welcome."

"I am here, looking for a dress for my friend here."

"Stand up girl, I do not like slouching. Hmm...I can have one ready in two months."

"Actually Diana, it is needed for tomorrow's ball. We were hoping that one of the ladies of the town may have rejected a dress of yours for another."

Diana pressed her lips into a thin line and scurried into the back. She returned ten minutes later with a blue gown. It wasn't as elegant as the ones typically worn by ladies but Ursula thought it was very pretty with the blue roses on the neckline and waist.

"It was the only one close to her size available. On the night may need to sew her into it but should be fine," Diana said. Jonathan thanked her and proceeded to pay. Ursula waited outside until he was finished.

"Expensive for something worn so little," she said.

"Compared to the reward, it is but a small fee. Now we return to the inn as our employer is arriving soon."

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