My crush.... The emo boy

Marissa is a 16 year old with practically no life, until the new boy, Alex, shows her a way out of the darkness.


2. The break up

Marissa's POV


I was walking down the hallway with Alex, and then I got a text. 

Hey, so we're done. Have fun with your life! :D And the"Relationship" we had was a dare by your sister. She said if I lasted a year with you, she would give me 500 dollars. Bye sweet cheeks. Tell your boyfriend Alex I said hi.

I texted him back.

I hate you. To be honest with you, I never loved you either. The one thing i'm mad at you about is that you took my virginity. BY FORCE. I was waiting until marriage. You messed up my world. Don't be surprised if I kill myself, and you and my sister should get together. You're perfect for eachother.

I guess I was crying because Alex pulled me into a hug. He smelled soooo good. 

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Guess it will be just you, my friends, and I. Tony dumped me," I cried into his shirt. Not caring if there is stains. 

"It's okay, you'll get through this. You just have to be strong," He told me. That wasn't going to happen. I just started running. Not caring where I was going......

Alex's POV


She dropped her phone. I picked it up and saw that she got a text. I know I shouldn't have, but I read it. It said:

Oh well, kill your self if you want to, that's your choice. Nobody's going to miss you....

XoXo~ Tony

Now I know what happened, I have to go and find Marissa. She can't die. Not today. 

I started running outside, not knowing where she went. I asked a couple people, and they pointed to an old motel. I ran inside and asked where Marissa went. She said she was in room one.

I was at the door of room one. 

"MARISSA! OPEN THE DOOR!" I yelled. No answer. 

"Please?" I said hoping that she would answer the door. No answer. I went to the front desk and asked for a key. They asked who I was and I said I was her brother because they wouldn't let me in if I was just some strange boy. They gave me a key, and I ran inside. I heard water running. 

"Marissa, come out of the bathroom," I asked. No answer. 

"I'm going to count to three and if you don't come out, I'm coming in. 1.......2.......3 That's it." I ran in and found her passed out in the tub face down. I picked her up, lay her on her back, and pushed on her chest. Water came up, following her coughing. 

"I DIDN'T WANT TO LIVE! WHY?" She yelled at me. 

"Because i'm not going to let you die," 

"Why not? Aren't all guys heartless jerks?" She asked me. 

"No, not all of us,"

"Prove it," She said. I leaned in and kissed her. I have to admit that was the best kiss I had ever had. I really think I meant that one too. 

"Told you," I said and she pulled me into another kiss. 

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