My crush.... The emo boy

Marissa is a 16 year old with practically no life, until the new boy, Alex, shows her a way out of the darkness.


4. I think he knows i'm ignoring him.

Marissa's POV


I have been ignoring Alex for like a week and a half now, and I feel kinda bad. But oh well, he can deal with it. 

I started this new thing on the internet. It's called Scene Kids. It's a cool website. But I was scrolling through it, and I saw Alex pop up. I clicked on his profile and his description showed up. 

Hey, I'm Alexander. Alex for short. I live in Wisconsin, and I am 17. I LOVE food, lol. But who doesn't? I have to be honest with you guys on this one..... I cut. That's pretty much my description. Don't judge me by my cover, because you don't know my story. 

Then I got bored and looked at his stalkers. 











(I personally know Fastnloud, his name is Ryan, and if you go on this website, he is a fake)

Next I looked at his comments, not to be a stalker or anything. 

AlexBear92- I really like this girl, and I don't know what to do. Help me if you can? Please?

~1 week ago

AlexBear92- She's ignoring me.

~3 days ago

AlexBear92- It's been a week since we kissed, and now I can't stop thinking about her. I think imma kill myself. I love her to death, and I don't want to be heartbroken.

~29 seconds ago.

He can't die! I have to find him! It's all my fault. I gotta go and now. 

I ran out to my car and drove to his place. The doors were locked, so I climbed through a window. I ran upstairs to his room. The light was on and I saw a shadow in the corner of the room. I think it was Alex. He was crying. 

"Alex, i'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen......" I said shaking, and in tears.

"Alex, answer me."

"ALEX!" I screamed, no answer. I called an ambulance, and all I could see were flashing lights and blurs. That's all I remember from that night. I was the worst best friend in the history of friends. He just attempted to kill himself for me..... Me, out of all the girls in the world, why me? 


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