Karson isn't the prettiest girl. She's not the smartest either. Nor the most popular. But she's just like every other girl out there. She's got a dream. It's not like every other dream. She wants to be a singer. But not for herself. For her grandparents. They may be gone but she promised them.


3. Chapter 3


Harry's POV


As the boys and I were entering into the very crowded venue in Minneapolis we met up with Paul and were ushered into some sort of lobby where the contestants were waiting for their chance to go on. The boys and I split up and went around meeting people and having a good time. "Harry Styles?!?!" I heard a very high pitched call out for my name. I turned around and this tall red headed girl with freckles all over her face started walking towards me. I smiled out of natural response. "Hello love!" I said to her and i reached my arms out for a hug. She walked into them like she was meant to be there. "I can't believe I just hugged Harry Styles." She whispered. I pulled away from her. "What's your name?" I asked her. "It's Victoria." I smiles at her. "That's a pretty name. Well I best be going Victoria but first. Let's take a selfie." I pulled my phone out of my pocket and turned on the front camera. I got real close to her and smiled. She smiled and I clicked the picture button. 


"Thanks!" I said to her. Gave her one last hug before walking away. I moved around the room meeting people and having a good time. Slowly one by one they were leaving to audition. I spotted on girl I wanted to talk to. She had long wavy brunette hair, with bangs straight across on her forehead and beautiful green eyes. She was wearing a grey top thigh length sweater shirt thing, black leggings, and grey boots to match the sweater. This girl was pacing back and forth, her brow furrowed in concentration. I started toward her but a producer came out and led her away. I quickly hurried to the seats that were reserved for One Direction. Also where the other boys were. I enjoy meeting people so I just stayed here when they went to sit down. I got to my seat just in time to see the girl sit on the steps in front of the chairs. 


I was waiting for the lights to turn on before the music but she started singing before the music and even the lights. 


"I bet you don't curse God, when the doctor calls with a stern voice and test results. Asking you to come in right away." I was completely blown away. I know the song and what it requires at the end. I was waiting for it. The song continued until the part came and I was literally on the edge of my seat.


"There's pain. Life hurts. There's a thousand things you think you don't deserve! All hope. Is lost when you spend it all and you just can't beat the odds. I bet you don't curse God." On God she held it perfectly and went up and then back down. Adam, Blake, and Shakira all turned there chairs at the same time. The next line was the make or break. "I bet you don't curse God!" She held, she went up, she went up again all damn close to perfect. Usher turned his chair and he was on his feet. I was staring at her in disbelief my mouth wide open. I stood up clapping. So many camera flashes were going and Adam and Usher were on their feet. The applause and cheering died down and Adam talked first. "Wow. What's your name?" She smiled, breathless of course. "Karson Russell." "How old are you Karson?" "I'm 19." Shakira's jaw dropped. "You're 19 and you have a voice like that?" I could tell that Karson has never really been complimented before on her voice because her face got all red and she giggled. 


The judges all gave their big speeches and it came down to the final decision. She kept looking form judge to judge. Finally she stopped and put the mic back up to her mouth. "I think I'm gonna have to go with Adam." The crowd roared. Adam jumped out of his chair and ran up to hug her. They hugged and just as she was about to leave when the lights turned down. Carson Daly walked out onto the stage. "Karson Russell! We have a surprise for you. Come up here." I watched as she turned around and cautiously walked back onto the stage. 


Karson's POV


When I was told that there was a 'surprise' for me, a million thoughts coursed through my mind. I walked back onto the stage. Carson put an arm around me. I looked up at him and saw that he was looking off at the doorway underneath the seats. It was dead silent except for one thing. A song was playing in the background. A song that means a lot to me. "God Gave Me You." I whispered but not quiet enough because Carson looked at me, gave a nod and the doors opened.

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