Karson isn't the prettiest girl. She's not the smartest either. Nor the most popular. But she's just like every other girl out there. She's got a dream. It's not like every other dream. She wants to be a singer. But not for herself. For her grandparents. They may be gone but she promised them.


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

(Still the same day)

I groaned as Niall's voice rang throughout the bus. "Niall! Shut up!" I yelled from my bunk. I heard his laugh and then a smack. "Let my Hazza sleep." Louis scolded. I chuckled to myself. All the sudden my whole head was vibrating with my phone that was tucked under my pillow. I groaned again and pulled it out, squinting as I unlocked it. A message from Simon. 

Simon: Let the boys know that you guys are the guests at The Voice: Blind Audition in Minneapolis. That's where you guys are headed now. More details later.

I groaned and climbed out of my bunk. "Guys!!" I yelled through the bus. I walked into the little living room part of the bus and sat on the couch. They all came in.and sat next me. Louis landed right on my lap. I laughed a put my arms around his waist. "Okay. Simon says that we are the celebrity guests on The Voice: Blind Audition in Minneapolis on Monday. That's where we are headed right now." They all just mumbled ok's and went back to whatever they were doing. 

I grabbed the remote of the tv and turned it on flipping through the channels just mindlessly. I ended up falling back to sleep.


Karson's POV


(Skipping to Monday)


I pulled into the parking lot of the venue. Up until this point I wasn't really nervous. As soon as I turned my car off the funny tingly feeling in my tummy finally hit me. I'm on my own in Minneapolis. With no one here. My boyfriend is in Mississippi. My grandparents are gone. My parents are no where to be found. I'm all by myself. I sighed as I walked into where I was told to go. I walked up to the table where it said registration. I was super early. Like I was always taught to be. A sweet looking lady was sitting at the table there. "Hello dear. Can I get your papers please?" I fumbled in my bag for the registration page. I found it and handed the crumbled paper to her. "Karson? That's a pretty name." She smiled up at me. I smiled back. "Well thanks." She thumbed through a bunch of other papers. "Okay well it says here that you wouldn't object to a live interview. And since you're the first person here I suppose I'll give you the choice." Before my rational side could tell my mouth to say no, my irrational side just blurted out, "Yeah. No problem. Just let me put my stuff somewhere." She nodded and said something into a Walkie-talkie that I never noticed was on the table next to her. 


Soon a camera crew and a man with a microphone came up to me. "Hello! My name is Carson Daly and I'll be conducting your interview." He started to lead me away from the table. "What's your name sweetie? And how old are you?" We got to a spot to put my bag before I had time to answer. I set my bag down and looked at him. "Uh.. My name is Karson Russell and I'm 19." I managed to stutter out. "Okay. Well I'm gonna have my crew start rolling and this will be live so don't worry. It'll be okay. Give the people watching more of a feel of who you are." He smiled before making a gesture to the cameraman. "And a little pointer. Focus on me. Not the camera." I nodded as a light on the camera came on and I focused on Carson's face not the camera.

"Hello and welcome to the first interview of the evening. My name is Carson Daly and I'm here with the first contestant to arrive. This is Karson Russell." The camera swiveled toward me. I gave a small wave. "So Karson, tell the viewers about yourself." I swallowed the lump in my throat and turned toward the camera. "Hi guys. Uh.. I'm Karson. 19 years old. I'm from a small town south of here. A little town called Kimball. I'm a senior. I live on my own.. My parents left me to my grandparents when I was 7. My grandparents passed away 2 years ago. I don't wanna sound like a sob story but the only person I really have left is my brother who's a US Airman and currently in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Keesler Air Force Base." The other Carson nodded. "Well tell us. How hard is it? To be on your own I mean." I looked back at him. "It's pretty hard. I mean I don't have a bed time and no one to tell me what to do." I chuckled. "But I just wish that I had that opportunity to know my parents and to establish that relationship that my friends have. On a happier note, I wouldn't go back and change anything that has happened in my life because it has all let me to this point and if none of that had happened then I wouldn't be standing here right now." Carson nodded. "One last question before I let you go. You know other interviews." That was the first time I glanced around and noticed that the room we were in had filled up. Like there were so many people that it was ridiculous. "Why did you decide to come here?" I smiled to myself. "I have a one sentence answer for that. I made a promise to my grandparents." Carson nodded for one last time before wrapping an arm around me in a side hug. "Karson Russell everybody!" 


I started to zone out. More and more people kept filing out of the giant gathering room. I was humming through my song when someone with a headset came and said, "Karson?" I nodded and he grabbed my arm and just led me away. When we got backstage at the door that had STAGE written across it I was given a mic and was told to wait for a signal from the guy. So I paced a bit and barely noticed the cameraman in the corner. 


Finally the man walked up to the door, listened into his headset for a bit before gripping the handle of the door and pulling it open while ushering me in. I walked out onto the dark stage and took a seat on the steps before the chairs. I closed my eyes and waited for the music to start.


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