Karson isn't the prettiest girl. She's not the smartest either. Nor the most popular. But she's just like every other girl out there. She's got a dream. It's not like every other dream. She wants to be a singer. But not for herself. For her grandparents. They may be gone but she promised them.


1. Chapter 1

Karson's POV


BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I covered my head with the comforter and slammed my hand on my alarm clock, missing the snooze button every time. I groaned in frustration as I sat up and ripped the cord out of the wall. I threw the clock across the room and reached for my phone. Checking the time I realized that I only had 45 minutes before my last school day before I trekked to Minneapolis for my blind audition on Monday. Yes. My name is Karson Russell and I will be auditioning on live television, in front of a live audience, in front of a mystery celebrity guest, and in front of Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Blake Shelton. I slipped out of my pjs and into the shower. I washed my long black hair and my body.

I stepped out of the shower and dried off quickly. "Shit!" I muttered having only 15 minutes before I'd be late for first period. I slipped on a pair of grey sweatpants and a blue TARDIS tank. My hair I left down to dry naturally wavy because I had no time for anything special. I slipped on my black Vans and grabbed my bag and keys as I basically ran out the door.

Let me tell you a bit of myself. My name is Karson Russell. I'm 19 years old. I live on my own 5 miles outside of Kimball, Minnesota. I started renting my aunt's old house from her when she moved into town. I used to live with my grandparents but when they passed away I had nowhere else to go so I packed all my belongings and moved from a small town in Nebraska to an even smaller town in Minnesota, 3 states away. And yes I know Karson is a man's name but I am not a man. I am a 19 year old girl on my senior year at Kimball High School. I sent in a video audition to the voice. I got a call back from the producers 2 weeks later and here I am. I'm not doing this for myself. But yet at the same time I am. I made a promise to my grandparents. That I would follow my dreams. And here I am. Anyway.. On with it.

I ran into the school and to my classroom just as the late bell rang. "Miss Russell. You need to manage your time better." My choir teacher, Mr. Hanson, scolded me as I walked in. "One of these days you're not gonna be as lucky as you have been since you've moved here." I just nodded as I grabbed my music and sat down in the alto section. "Oh Mr. Hanson! You're forgetting! She's gonna be a super star. Today's her last day before her blind audition." Lezlee spoke up from the soprano section. "I bet she won't even get a chair to turn." My head snapped up at this last statement. "Oh you bet? Yes. Let's bet. I bet that I can get at least one chair to turn around. If I do you have to go to prom with whoever I choose for you." I smirked. "Alright. And if you don't get any chairs to turn around I get to go to prom with your brother." My body tensed. "Oh wait. You're brother is in Mississippi." She looked smugly at me. I got up and stuck my hand out in front of her. She flinched like I was gonna hit her. "No stupid. Shake my hand. It's a deal." She cautiously stuck her hand out and shook mine.

"Can we get on with class now?" Mr. Hanson shut us up. 


And my day went on. As soon as the final bell rang I was out of my seat and out to my car. I jumped in, buckled up and drove all the way home to get a good's night sleep before my car ride tomorrow.


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