Looks -Harry Styles-

Andrea is a violinist , good girl and smarty pants. she gets strait A's and 1 day her teacher told her to tutor the bad boy Harry Styles.


1. Nerd!

Andrea's P.O.V

"haha, go get a life loser" Brooke says. I look down as I trip. and my glasses fall. "haha, Nerd" the voice of Harry came to my mind. I get up , I can see but I see a bit blurry. then I hear something crack. and Harry hands me something in my hands. my lenses have broke. I put my glasses on. and I see Harry wrapping his arm around brooke and leaving. I sigh.

"you broke your glasses again" my mother said. "what happened this time" she said. "I-I.. was late for my class and i k-kept running into the door" i lied. she sighed. "at least you have your spare glasses." she said. she handed them to me. i put them on and went upstairs.

i hate lying to my mom, i-i just can't tell her the truth. i grab my bag filled with my violin and my music notes and i go outside. i start to walk to the studio.

i mean nothing in this life everyone hates me, im just a nerd.

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