How To Live A Dream

Hi!!! I'm Kaylie Cestybon! (I know, weird last name right?) This is my diary, about how I live with my dad on an island. Just kidding! I live in an apartment with my dad, but I go on a lot of adventures! Authors note: By the way no characters, places, or situations in this story are real. None of this is is about me, and none of these situations have ever happened to me.


2. The Text

Dear Diary, Subject: OMG!!!

UGHH!! I hate Rebbecca Stillsworth!! She is such a jerk!! She just "accidentally" sent me 4 pictures of her and Jake from their "night at the movies" that they just had last night. (Rebbecca is dating Jake and she never misses a chance to rub it in my face cause she knows he is my crush!!!) I sent her back a message that said.... well, i'll just show you:


             chat room:

 Rebbecca: *picture message* click to open now

Rebbecca: Whoops, ment to save that, sorry if it was a bother! 

Me: Of Course not! accidents happen!! 

Rebbecca: You forgot to capitalize the A in Accidents. Whoops!! Anyway, got to go, ta ta!



How obnoxious right!?!? How dare she correct my grammar!! anyway, UGH! I mean Anyway, I have to go, my dad is making me go to bed, night diary.

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