How To Live A Dream

Hi!!! I'm Kaylie Cestybon! (I know, weird last name right?) This is my diary, about how I live with my dad on an island. Just kidding! I live in an apartment with my dad, but I go on a lot of adventures! Authors note: By the way no characters, places, or situations in this story are real. None of this is is about me, and none of these situations have ever happened to me.


13. Oh. No.

Dear Diary, Subject:STUCK!!!!

Heres what happend diary, we had a tour, had lunch, and while the tour guide showed everyone to the plane, me and my dad weren't paying attention because we were still taking pictures with this really cool plant called a Reolo plant. Eventually, me and my dad went to get to the plane, only to see that it had already left! I'm Freaking out diary! WE ARE STUCK!!!

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