How To Live A Dream

Hi!!! I'm Kaylie Cestybon! (I know, weird last name right?) This is my diary, about how I live with my dad on an island. Just kidding! I live in an apartment with my dad, but I go on a lot of adventures! Authors note: By the way no characters, places, or situations in this story are real. None of this is is about me, and none of these situations have ever happened to me.


9. drama

Dear Diary, Subject: ugh!

I was so excited about my trip to the island with my dad that I posted online about it, heres what happened:


Kaylie C.- Going to Moloauh  with my dad in a month. Thanks dad!!!




Rebbecca: Oh great!! I think I can speak for everyone that we could all use a break from you!

Me: What is that supposed to mean??

Rebbecca: Oh, sorry, I forgot, I should speak slowly to you, no one will miss you, sorry!

Charlett: Hate to break it to you Rebbecca, but I think I can speak for everyone to when I say we sorta wish it was YOU who was leaving.

Rebbecca: Whatever, have fun on your trip! Later losers!                                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

UGGGGHH! I can't believe Rebbecca!! (By the way, Charlett is my best friend. She is so cool!)

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