How To Live A Dream

Hi!!! I'm Kaylie Cestybon! (I know, weird last name right?) This is my diary, about how I live with my dad on an island. Just kidding! I live in an apartment with my dad, but I go on a lot of adventures! Authors note: By the way no characters, places, or situations in this story are real. None of this is is about me, and none of these situations have ever happened to me.


1. New Day!

Hi there! I am Kaylie C. This is my diary about my life with my dad! Enjoy!


                                                  This diary is property of:

                                                             Kaylie   C.


Dear Diary, Subject: New Day!

Hi there diary! It's a new day, or at least it was, it's night now!

Today all I did was sit at home, text my friends, and eat chips and drink soda.

About as exciting as every normal summer day, unless I am hanging out with my friends instead 

of texting them. Right now i'm just sitting on my bed, writing in you, and listening to my dad sing 

opera in his room. (Always a great performance, dad! ) 

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