The Way I Lost it all

I'm not the kind of person who is going to ask for a certain amount of likes before I put up another couple of chapters i'll put in chapters as i get ideas and that's it :) My advice, If you like this book, click like... (Also nothing in this book has ever happend to me or anyone I know. This isn't based off of anyone or anything.) enjoy!


34. The Way I Lost It All

I read over the note. Awwww. Dan came back. What a nice idea to, to go to Scotland. That sounds like something he would do. The letter sounded so old, like from the 1930's. Dan probably thought that would be more interesting for me. I sat there and thought about the mistakes I had made.The biggest ones being choosing Clark over Dan and Liking a guy I just met. I mean, how could I even like Clark? I didn't know what he was like, and now that he didn't come back, didn't say sorry, and didn't try to be friends again, I knew that he wasn't as perfect as Dan. Simplest way to explain, Dan believes in forgive and forget, Clark probably doesn't. I sat there in the hotel room feeling sad. I wanted Dan to come back. I wanted everything to go back to normal and be great again. But it never would. So I packed up my things, and headed off to find a new life. One that was better, that I could trust more.


                                                               This Was The Way I Lost It All

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