The Way I Lost it all

I'm not the kind of person who is going to ask for a certain amount of likes before I put up another couple of chapters i'll put in chapters as i get ideas and that's it :) My advice, If you like this book, click like... (Also nothing in this book has ever happend to me or anyone I know. This isn't based off of anyone or anything.) enjoy!


8. The books

After a while, Dan and me had just been sitting and talking, when he suddenly said. "What's this??" I panicked, because Dan had just discovered my collection of Katrina Bestcloth books... "Just, um, adventure stories.." "Well they look cool, I guess.." Dan said with a smirk. "Where did you get them??" " I have had them since I moved here.. Katrina is my idol, I wouldn't be alive today if I hadn't been following her tips for survival." "So what your saying is," Dan said trying to hold back a smile. "Your obsessed with this Bestcloth character??" "NO!!" I said. "I'm not obsessed, I just have a very big interest in her and what she does on her adventures..." "Whatever you say," he said. "Anyway lets get some sleep, goodnight!" "Goodnight." I said.

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