The Way I Lost it all

I'm not the kind of person who is going to ask for a certain amount of likes before I put up another couple of chapters i'll put in chapters as i get ideas and that's it :) My advice, If you like this book, click like... (Also nothing in this book has ever happend to me or anyone I know. This isn't based off of anyone or anything.) enjoy!


2. Hello

Hi. How are you? Me? I'm good, almost great, if I wasn't alone....Why am I alone you ask? Ok, i'll tell you, sit down for a while, have some bark tea and i'll tell you the whole story....

It all starts with my parents, ah, yes, those people whom everyone love. Anyway they had me, took care of me, then when they had my brother Gilbert they told me i needed to find a place to live on my own, even though i was only 5 years old. (My parents were crazy people.) Anyway the only place I could think of was the forest next to my house, So I took my stuff and found a cave and lived there for a while. Turns out bears don't like sharing their caves, so I was back to trying to find a place of my own again. Eventually, I found a dusty old tree so I took a sharp branch, split the tree open, and eventually made it into a house. Not to big, but big enough for me. I have been living there ever since, the only guide to how to survive has been my Katrina Bestcloth book. Katrina is a great adventurer and my idol, she helped me live here for a very long time, how long you ask? i'll tell you later if your lucky.

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