The Way I Lost it all

I'm not the kind of person who is going to ask for a certain amount of likes before I put up another couple of chapters i'll put in chapters as i get ideas and that's it :) My advice, If you like this book, click like... (Also nothing in this book has ever happend to me or anyone I know. This isn't based off of anyone or anything.) enjoy!


5. Escape

I stopped. I knew what I had to do. I started running, I don't know where, and I hardly know why, but I did. I stopped again i heard a sound. Different this time, much more smooth and creepy. This time I heard. "I SEEE YOUUU!!" Then I started running, my feet slapping the ground over and over.Then I heard one last not so distant cry."Hello?!?!!?" it said. Suddenly, I knew I was not alone. At last, I gave up running, my fear was high, but my feet were weak. So I slouched up against a tree and gave up trying to escape. In the near distance I saw a shadow, and I knew I was about to meet the person who was making the distant cries. 

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