The Way I Lost it all

I'm not the kind of person who is going to ask for a certain amount of likes before I put up another couple of chapters i'll put in chapters as i get ideas and that's it :) My advice, If you like this book, click like... (Also nothing in this book has ever happend to me or anyone I know. This isn't based off of anyone or anything.) enjoy!


7. Different

Dan and I went around the forest talking and talking. I explained to him how I had just had a visitor and was reading my book when I started hearing his strange noises. Finally I said. "So why were you making those noises??" "Because," Dan said, and he showed me his arm. I hadn't noticed before, but his arm was badly cut and needed help. "I was walking through the forest because a visitor had told me while walking by that there was a girl living over here. On the way to check things out i accidentally scraped my arm against a tree..." "Well it needs help," I said. "Let me bring you to my house so I can wash it off and bandage it." So we walked all the way to my house, and inside I quickly washed Dan's arm and put a leaf bandage over it. "Wow." Dan muttered. "That was amazing, thank you." "So where is your house?" I asked. " I don't really have one, I just sleep wherever I am when it gets dark." "Well you could stay here if you want, I mean not forever, unless you want to, or whatever.." I don't know why I was so nervous all of the sudden. I'm never nervous with visitors... Dan is just, different....

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