My names Millie and i'm friends with one of the members of the well known band One Direction.


2. Niall comes to Visit.


Millie's P.O.V

This is the second month hes coming i'm so nervous last month was so fun for the 3 days his came for. I've always had a crush on Niall since we where 12, but i have never had the courage to tell him but i don't think he'd feel the same as i do.

A couple of hours later i heard a knock, it must be Niall. 'NIALL'S HERE' i shouted to my family they all came running down the stairs waiting to see the boy we'd hadn't seen in a month. I opened the door and saw that silly blonde boy smirking. He picked me up and twirled me around, 'NIALL STOP' i giggled. He put me down, 'Ive missed you so much mills!' he said hugging me, 'ive missed you too Nialler' i said hugging him back. He walked through the door and stepped in front of  my dad. 'Hello Niall' my dad said shaking Niall's hand, 'Hello Tim, hows everything?' Niall smiled 'Everything's fine, but I've got to run off to work and won't be back till tomorrow i'm working away you see' he groaned, 'Such a shame, alright i'll see you soon' Niall smiled, as my dad kissed me and my mums cheek then saying ' 'l'll see you soon Niall nice seeing you' he smiled walking out the door. Niall then turned to my mum, ' Jane , i've missed you so much and all your nice cooking ' Niall smiled. My mum smiled back and said ' I've missed you too Niall, aw thats really sweet, well you too run upstairs and catch up while i make some dinner '. 

Me & Niall ran upstairs to my room i sat on my bed, Niall turned to me and smiled, ' I've missed you so much i can't explain Mills' i smiled back 'I've missed you a lot too'. We lay there for another hour catching up. Then mum called us down for Dinner she placed 2 bowls down in front of us of spaghetti & sauce. ' Wheres your s mum?' i asked ' Well i kind of planned a night with the girls we're staying in a hotel overnight and having some girl time, i hope you don't mind. I'm sure Niall could keep an eye on you' she said ' Thats fine ' i gave her a quick kiss before she rushed out the door and drove away.

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