My names Millie and i'm friends with one of the members of the well known band One Direction.


4. Girlfriend & Date.


The Next Day.

I woke up to see me lying in bed next to Niall, he looked so handsome when he was sleeping. I decided to have a shower and get dressed then go make some Pancakes.

I got out of the shower and got dry and got changed into some grey high wasted shorts a white top tucked in and pulled out a bit i slipped on my ankle bracelet that Niall got me for my birthday it was silver with a love heart with an N on it, he had one on his keys with an M on it. I tied my hair into a messy bun and applied some foundation and mascara. I jogged down stairs and began to make some breakfast.

I'd finished the pancakes and turned around to put the plates out for me and Niall, that's when he made me jump. ' NIALL!' i giggled. I looked into his perfect blue eyes and we started to both lean in when his lips touched mine i felt sparks. Then it ended and i looked up to see Niall's eyes looking into mine. ' I've been waiting to do that for 6 years! ' he smiled. ' I'm in love with you Mills since we where 12 i've loved you like this you make me crazy, your beautiful and i could go on about you for hours on how perfect you are '. ' Niall.. I ...I don't know what to say ' i said with tears in my eyes as one fell, Niall rubbed it with his thumb ' Don't cry beautiful, i just have a question. Will you be my Girlfriend? I'm crazy for you! ', I smiled ' Of course i'll be your Girlfriend Niall! i've loved you since i was 12 too, i just didn't have the courage to say and i was worried you wouldn't feel the same'.Niall smiled 'Well i do, I'm mad for you Mills, I Love you! ' then we kissed and the same sparks where there.

After breakfast we sat on the sofa and watched movies when i fell asleep. Hours later i woke up and found myself in bed i turned over to find no Niall i sat up and saw a note on top of a white box, the note said;

' See you've woke up lazy bones, inside the box is a present and i would love you to wear it tonight as i'm taking you out for our first date at 8PM, be ready by the door love you loads, Niall xxx'

He is so cute. I opened the box to find a black lacy dress. i looked at the time 7PM 'oh my gosh i need to get ready!' i said out loud i brushed my hair out and curled the the ends of my hair, i slipped the dress on and put some black heels to match. I applied some mascara and foundation and some eye-liner i looked in the mirror. i actually looked pretty hot, i went down stairs and sat at on the stool at the breakfast bar and waited till the knock i checked the time 7:59, it finally hit 8PM and there was a knock at the door i opened it and Niall stood there with his mouth wide open, ' close your mouth you'll catch flies ' i giggled. 'YOU LOOK GORGEOUS' he beamed 'Thankyou you are looking pretty fine yourself Horan'. I turned around to walk and there infront of me was a Black Limo. i turned around 'NIALL, you didn't have to do this for me!' i was shocked, ' Anything for the best girl a guy could ask for' he winked. A man opened the door for us and we stepped in. 

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