My names Millie and i'm friends with one of the members of the well known band One Direction.


5. Date.

Chapter 3-

In the limo/Millie's'POV;

Niall took a piece of black cloth out of his pocket and said " May I?" I shrugged "yeah sure" I smiled.

When we stopped and I was pulled out of the car with Niall's hand in mine, he then took of the blindfold and said "Surprise Beautiful", he pecked my lips smiling.

We arrived at a park, not just any park Cripple Gate Park, this is where Niall's & I's mum brought us when we where little. We walked up the hill towards the monkey bars. We climbed to the top, Harry one of Niall's band mates which I recognised then walked away he put wood at the top and put blankets out we sat down on the top. Candles flared away around us, we didn't eat we sat and watched over London, it was beautiful. The moon shone as we talked about anything and everything. 10:30 approached and we got down, walking through the park, Niall then cleared his throat, " Hey, mills I was wondering.. Well I'm leaving soon and what I'm trying to say is.." He rubbed the back of his neck, " Do you wanna come on tour with me and the boys?" He smiled "OMG, yes of course Niall, I'd loved too" I smiled. Niall picked me up and spun me around as I giggled away he put me down and put his lips to mine.

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