Kidnapped by Who....

Alex Simpson is your average teenage girl.... Well almost she's depressed and self harms. Her brother left her to go a away with his bands? What happens when Alex finds true love who happens to be a vampire?


11. Why....??

Brad's pov :

"Alex why...." I said with disappointed tone to my voice.She looked away and sad and if I knew my sister correctly the face when she's about to cry.

"Ever since you left, dad started to get abusive to me and started taking his anger out on me and me and mum could do nothing about it, so I wanted to give up with life so I started cutting and everytime you came back I used to hide it so well from you and I've never stopped"

By the end of the story me and her were both in tears "I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you when I needed to be but I'm here now and will always be here for you dads gone now anyway I'll be there for you we can get through this together"

She looked up her blue eyes with tears "Thanks Bradley you always knew how to cheer me up love you brother" she said smiling.I hugged her and mumbled "I love you two sister never forget that"

Sorry for the long wait

Features self harm 😔

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