Kidnapped by Who....

Alex Simpson is your average teenage girl.... Well almost she's depressed and self harms. Her brother left her to go a away with his bands? What happens when Alex finds true love who happens to be a vampire?


3. Wait is she my mate?

Chapter 3:

Luke's pov: (OMG I know)

(before he found Alex) :

"MICHAEL" I shouted from my bedroom,All of a sudden I heard footsteps running towards my room.Then Michael open my down with a baseball bat in his hands like he's going to hit someone. I sat on my bed having a giggling fit that was then stopped by Michael throwing a pillow at me. "What did you want Luke" He answered with rage.'Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning' I though. He glared at me with daggers and rage in his eyes, Oh yeah forgot we could read each other's minds!!

"Seriously what did you want Luke it's 5pm in the afternoon I'm trying to do stuff!!!!" Michael said. "Did you want to go out hunting" I said "yeah sure" With that I went to take a shower.After that I put on my black ripped jeans and my nirvana Tshirt and a jumper.

I walked down stairs to see the other 3 guys all ready to go "Well what are we waiting for let's go" Ashton said,We got in the van and drove off.

After an 30 minute drive to the nearest town, Afterall we lived in the middle of a forest with no one else around us.We stopped the van and hide down an alleyway when all of a sudden a girl came down, We all pinned her against the wall."What's you name baby girl" Calum said hungrily. "A..s...hleigh" She said probably scared for her life "Pretty Name now this won't hurt.....much" Michael said with a smirk on his face.

She's dropped on the floor dead."That was some nice blood" Michael said with a huge smile on his face. When I heard someone say "Did he say blood" Dam someone saw us.We ran to the top of the alley as saw a girl there watching us. "Yeah we did say blood got a problem" Calum said with a smirk.

After that she ran,But I soon caught up with her and grabbed her by her waist and oh boy did she try struggling,When Ashton came to her and put a cloth to her face.But I felt a strange feeling around her like the feeling you would get when you find your mate, Hang on is this girl my mate........


I still need parts for

Michael's gf

Michael's sister

Calum's gf

Ashton's gf : Brianna

Luke's sister : Lauren

Enjoy chapter 3

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