Kidnapped by Who....

Alex Simpson is your average teenage girl.... Well almost she's depressed and self harms. Her brother left her to go a away with his bands? What happens when Alex finds true love who happens to be a vampire?


6. I found her...

Chapter 6:

Michaels pov:

"Ashton" I shouted,I heard footsteps running towards me,"What's up man I was practising Voodoo doll, We have shows tomorrow" He looked annoyed.

"I found my mate and she just so happens to be coming to the concert tomorrow" I smiled. "Aw Mikey's growing up he found his mate" He cooed. I punched him in the arm.

I started looking for this girl on twitter and I found her @Belarna5SOS. I followed her and gave her a direct message Saying "Hey I saw your coming to the show tomorrow, My two sisters will come and find you ad you will come backstage to meet us" I messaged her and I instantly got a message saying "OMGGGGG THANK YOU SO MUCH I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"

I couldn't wait to finally meet my mate,I had to tell Lilly and Georgia "Lilly, Georgia" They came running to me 'jeez Vampire speed' I thought to myself,The girls just laughed "What's up Mikey" Lilly said with a smile

"I......Found my mate" I stuttered "Aw bro that's amazing news when do we meet her" Georgia said "Tomorrow she's coming to the concert and I need her to go get her for me" I smiled "sure"

They said in sync 'Creepy..' They ran off laughing Tomorrow will be the day I finally meet my mate I hope she loves me back....

Belarna (Sorry if that's not how its spelt) Pov :

OMG I'm going to meet 5 Seconds Of Summer tomorrow,I need to go clothes shopping. I called my friend Amy "Amy you wanna go shopping" I said down the phone "Yay I thought you never asked,I pick you up in an hour"

I was ready for this....

New chapter finally and it's in Michael's point of view and more people are in this book,Next Chapter your going to meet 'Michaels girl' Sorry it took so long to update been busy with YouTube videos and homework and school work!Ill try and get another chapter tomorrow

Guys if you wanna help me write as come up with ideas for this book Kik me :VampetteBam and text me with your ideas

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100+ VIEW AND 15+ LIKES AND 35+ FANS Maybe tell you friends and get this book to 150 reads 25 likes and 50 fans

Thanks so much I'm going to go watch wolfblood now later love youu💕😘

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