Kidnapped by Who....

Alex Simpson is your average teenage girl.... Well almost she's depressed and self harms. Her brother left her to go a away with his bands? What happens when Alex finds true love who happens to be a vampire?


4. Explaination

Chapter 4 :

Alex's pov :

I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was on a bed,I jumped out of bed it look at the room, It was beautiful.The walls were dark blue and red,there was a king sized bed and a flat screen tv and a balcony looking over a forest.Wait..What happened to me,Where I am,Am I kidnapped??

I have to get out of here, I tried looking around for a bathroom somewhere.I found another door across the room and opened it to find the most loveliest bathroom ever and luckily there was a window there.I walked over to the window and tried to open it but it was locked. "Trying to escape,That's not going to happen all the windows in this place are locked"

I turned around to see a red haired boy standing behind me with a smirk on his face. 'What is with boys and smirking I hate it!!!' I thought to myself "Not our fault we smirk" He laughed "" I nervously said. "I can read you mind, Come downstairs and we introduce you to ourselves" he said I followed him down.

I saw the nicest living room ever with beautiful red couches and and flat screen tv,I thought to myself "I never want to leave this place" The men chuckled "Good thing you are gonna leave" One of them said. I rolled my eyes, My arms were starting to itch so bad because of my scars. Well let us introduce ourselves, Hi I'm Michael" The boy with the red hair said.

"Hey I'm Calum" The boy with dark hair said, "Hey I'm Ashton" The boy with scruffy brown hair said "I'm Luke" The boy with the lip ring said 'He's quite cute' He blushed and the other 3 boys cooed "awww"

Damn mind reading, "So if you haven't guess with the mind reading,Super speed and us drinking blood We are vampires and don't worry we won't drink from you" Ashton said "So tell us about your life" Calum Said "Ok My name is Alex and I'm 16 Turning 17 in a couple weeks,I'm in year 12 and I don't have a lot of friends,I have Emily.." I was interrupted by Ashton saying

"Emily Irwin??"

"Yeah why" I said

"She's my sister and I haven't seen her forever"

"Aw" I smiled "Anyway back to my story,I live on my own, My parents died when I was 5,So I went into foster care with my brother Rhydian,We got adopted and lived there until we got our place" I said

"Aw where's your brother now" Michael said "He's Filming for a tv show in America" I said "Alex can I talk to you upstairs for a minute" Luke nervously said "Yeah sure" I followed him upstairs and we went into his room "Alex I need to tell you something........"

Chapter 4 is on a cliffhanger what is Luke going to say to alex???

I still need parts for

Michaels girlfriend

Michael sister :

Calum's gf - Nirvana_Rocks

Ashton's gf - Brianna

Luke's sister - Lauren

Ashton's sister - Emily

Calum's sister - Courteney

Thanks for nearly 50 reads :)

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