Kidnapped by Who....

Alex Simpson is your average teenage girl.... Well almost she's depressed and self harms. Her brother left her to go a away with his bands? What happens when Alex finds true love who happens to be a vampire?


8. Brad...?? The Vamps

Chatper 7:

Alex's pov:

I woke up to an hand around my waist and I turned over and was meet with the most beautiful blue eyes that belong to my vampire boyfriend.Ive been here for at least a month

"I wonder if brad knows that I missing" I thought. I got out of Luke's grip and went over to my phone and saw I had a missed call from a new number and they left a voicemail..

"Alex,I come home the other day to see your gone,where are you please be careful I really hope your safe" I heard a panicked voice down the phone then I remember Brad my twin brother.

Arms were instantly around my waist and once I again I saw those beautiful blue eyes. "Morning princess" He gave me a peck on the cheek "morning Luke" I said with a smile, I love this so much I thought "I love it to" he said with a smirk


We were backstage at the summertime ball. Calvin Harris,Austin Mahone he's cuter in person, Rixton, Union J and a band called the vamps wait..... Brad in a band called the vamps?

All of a sudden he saw me and blinked a couple of times. "Alex...??? Is that you" he said his eyes we all red and swollen from crying "brad" I said with excitement...

Hey sorry it's taken so long for this chapter been busy with school and homework and my YouTube channel so Alex's finally meets her twin brother brad...

Sorry this is bad but you wanted an update

I'm seeing the vamps in 13 days

Bye X Factor later overload😍😍😍🙊🙊🙊

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