Dance Your Heart Out

Hannah would love to be one of those cute, popular kids. She would love to enroll in dance classes, especially because Miranda, the most popular girl in school, is in dance in a really high level. Hannah tries to prove herself by becoming a dancer, but now her best friend, Margaret, won't even talk to her. Should she choose popularity or her friend?


1. Hannah Eats Her Words

Hi, I'm Hannah Burkley. I just want to be normal, and be one of those cute girls. 


When I woke up, I was pretty exhausted. I. Hate. Mondays. Today is the first day of school, and I'm in the ninth grade. Popularity is not really my thing, neither is knowing what to say. When I got up, my brother, Jason, started to shoot me with his airsoft guns. He's 15, and a year ahead of me. Why are boys so immature?


Anyways, when I got to school I found flyers everywhere saying:

Miranda's Dance Competition! ARL dance company at 5:30 p.m. to see Miranda dance and take home that trophy! Competition is on Wednesday the 16th of September. 


Today is the first! Cooling down, I found my locker, which was right next to my bestie, Margaret. I just call her Margie. On my other side was Miranda, who I totally want to be next to. 


"Miranda! I just enrolled at dance," I lied, but I'll beg my parents when I get home. "What days are you having your classes?"


"Wednesday and Friday. I can't wait to see you there! Want to sit at my table today and talk about it?"


Trying to keep my cool, I replied. "Sure. See you then."


Margie glared. I pretended not to notice. As Miranda walked away, her beautiful blond hair swaying. I wish I was blond, but brunettes don't get choices. "I can't believe you betrayed me. We were supposed to sit together and talk about our summer. Also, you don't dance."


"Sometimes I wish you didn't eavesdrop on me." I said before I could take it back. 


With tears in her eyes, Margie stormed off. 

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