Dance Your Heart Out

Hannah would love to be one of those cute, popular kids. She would love to enroll in dance classes, especially because Miranda, the most popular girl in school, is in dance in a really high level. Hannah tries to prove herself by becoming a dancer, but now her best friend, Margaret, won't even talk to her. Should she choose popularity or her friend?


2. Hannah Becomes One Of The Populars

I am in my first class, PE, and we ran the mile. While I'm running, I spotted Margie. "Hey! Margie! Please... forgive... me... I'm... begging... you..."

She doesn't even speak to me. 

"Hey there Hannah! Do you mind if I call you... Han? Because it... feels just... right. Do you... want to... trade schedules... and... numbers?" Miranda said. 

"Sure... why not? I can... give you... my number." I wheezed.

After PE and all of the other BORING classes, it was finally lunch. I sat down with Miranda and other popular people, like Maria, Miranda's close friend. And, at the table, who was on the other side of me, was Jason, who is really popular. I just don't get it, how everyone likes him since he came to this school. 

"So, Han, want to come to my sleepover tonight at five? It would be cool if you could come. Just you and me." Margaret asked excitedly.

"Um. Sure."

"Cool. My place. Don't forget. Anyways, what's up with you and Judy? I thought you were BFFs of something."

"Margaret and I aren't really much of that anymore."

"Aww. Don't worry. You have me and everyone at this table that are your friends."

"Not me." Jason joked. Sometimes he is a jerk. 

Ignoring him, I asked Miranda, "Hey, can I call you M? That would be a cute nickname for you."

"That is a cute nickname." Natalie, the popular, sporty person. Her only flaw is she is mean, and that is why she is not as popular as Miranda. 

"Kk, that is totally perfect!" Miranda (aka M) said happily. "None of you guys give me nicknames but the newest member of our group does. So thanks, Han. Love ya!"

Sometimes she is a little too peppy. 

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