Something New

Natalie, a young teen, has trouble making friends. However everything changes when she meets 5 young boys willing to do anything to change that.


4. Video Idea

The door bell rings.

“Mum, they’re here” I squeal.

“Well hurry up and let them idiot” She teases.

I poke my tongue out at her and walk towards the door.

Looking through the stained glass, I peer at the boys. Beau sits square on Daniels shoulders. James and Jai stand slapping each other jokingly.  Luke laughs, trying to separate the two. I roll my eyes and open the door.

“Normal isn’t in your lifestyle is it?” I giggle.

“Normal? Where’s the fun in that?” James scoffs


 Grabbing a plate of food, we all head outside to eat.

 After a few moments, Luke hands me a video recorder from his backpack.

“What’s with this?” I ask.

“We all chipped in to buy it” Daniel announces.

“Yeah we were thinking about making videos or something. You know, just for fun” Jai pipes in.

“What like pranks and dares? I ask.

“Yep” Beau huffs.

They all nod their heads in agreement. Cleary this was something they had thought about for a long time. I turn the camera over in my hands. It’s a nice model; they must have been saving up for a while.

“There’s only one catch” Luke grins.

“Oh no, what is it now” I say rolling my eyes.

“Well, we’re the pranksters right? We will be doing the pranks. However we don’t have someone to film us. You could say we need a camera man....or woman” James cheekily laughs.

They all begin looking at me. I can’t believe this. They want me to film for them. This would be great!


“Well I don’t know who else would want to film you idiots” I joke; now smiling with them.



We finish eating and neaten the yard.

“Okay, we’ll do a practice video now so you guys can get the hang of it” I order.

They all stand in front of the camera awkwardly, avoiding the lenses of the camera.

“Come on guys, you got this! Just be yourselves!” I shout

With this, they all stand up straight and gaze towards the camera smiling, giddy with excitement.

“Great” I exclaim, pressing record.
“And action!”



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