Something New

Natalie, a young teen, has trouble making friends. However everything changes when she meets 5 young boys willing to do anything to change that.


2. New Student

By the time I walk inside the school grounds the bell is ringing. I rush through the crowds of students towards my form class. I stand by the door silently. Class had already begun.

“Natalie, late again.  You aren’t setting a good example for our new student” Mr Shemly teases.

I glance towards my usual seat. Beside it sits a lazed back student. He looks at me and grins.

“Sorry sir, I won’t let it happen again” I say, now blushing.

“Not like we haven’t heard that one before. Take a seat Natalie. Looks like you’ll get the honour of showing James around the school today”

I shuffle awkwardly to my seat and sit down.

“You should know better than showing up late for class” the new boy jokes.

I turn to look at the new student. Cute brown eyes, neat dark hair and a simple cheek piercing. He was very attractive. I blush nervously.

“Well hey; maybe I was trying to avoid you” I laugh.

“Oh, funny!” he replies. Not taking his eyes off me.

“What are you looking at?” I question.

“Nothing!” He protests, turning away.

I slump back in my seat. He must have lost interest already. I watch him secretly for the rest of the class. He seems to get along really well with Daniel, our class clown, who sits a few rows away. They must already know each other. When the bell rings I gather my stuff and head for the door. As I’m about to leave, James grabs my arm.

“Hey, you owe me a school tour!” He complains.

“Uhm, couldn't you just get Daniel to help you? I mumble, staring at my feet.

“He has stuff to do, now come on” He confirms while nudging me out the door. 

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