Something New

Natalie, a young teen, has trouble making friends. However everything changes when she meets 5 young boys willing to do anything to change that.


3. Friends?


We walk together around the school. I show him all the different rooms ranging from his P.E class, to his English class, which ends up being the same as mine. He tries to make small talk, but fails to make then situation less awkward.

“Nice weather today” He blurts.

I smile, holding back a laugh. “Yes, very nice”

Finally we walk towards the cafeteria. As I’m about to walk away he grabs my arm again.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?”

“To sit down and eat. I did my job, you have seen the whole school now” I answer.

“Come sit with my group. You already seem to know Daniel. We won’t bite”

He points out his group of friends. I can see Daniel speaking with a familiar student. Beau Brooks. I remember him from a few of my classes. He’s always laughing. Also sitting at the table is Jai and Luke Brooks, the only twins at this school. I know little about them, but I heard they have great drawing skills. They all sit, laughing with each other.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I usually just sit with myself” I confess.

“Come on, that’s no fun. Just try it this one please? If you don’t like us you can leave” he added.

“Okay, I guess that will be okay”

I walk slowly behind James as we walk over to his familiar group of friends.

“Hey guys this is Natalie. She’s sitting here today, so be nice!”

“Hey Natalie” they all chirp in.

I sit down in the only empty spot, right beside Luke. He pokes me in the ribs softly.

“I’ve seen you around. You’re in my art class. You got sick talent!”

“Thanks...” I smile nervously.

The twins break out in an argument ending in spoons of yogurt being flung across the table. James and Daniel start talking about a new assignment. I sit shyly, playing with my food. Beau looks at me with his soft green eyes.

“They’re okay when you get used to them” He laughs

I smile. “I’m sure they are”

“Why do you always sit alone?” He asks quietly. They all turn to look at me.

“I just never really got along with anyone else here” I cough.

“Well, it appears as though you have just made a new group of friends” Luke declares, putting his arm around my shoulder.

“If you can put up with us that is” Jai sighed.

We all start laughing.

“I think I might manage” I smirk.

By the end of the lunch break I sit confidently, happy with my new friends.

We all have separate classes next. Just as I’m about to walk away, Daniel gives me a friendly hug.

“We should all do something tomorrow?” He asks.

“Sure. You can all come over to my house. I’ll text you my address tonight” I promise.

The rest of the day seems to fly by. All I can think about are the boys, leaving a grin on my face for the rest of the day. I walk home quickly, excited for a fun weekend. 

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