Something New

Natalie, a young teen, has trouble making friends. However everything changes when she meets 5 young boys willing to do anything to change that.


1. Breakfast Disaster

As the soft beeping of my alarm clock begins I slowly lift myself out of bed. I barely got any sleep the night before. I should have gotten to bed earlier. At least it’s Friday, I could sleep in all weekend. I get dressed and sleepily slip out into the kitchen. Mum stands by the stove, making pancakes. Scratch that. Trying to make pancakes. She’s managed to burn them all. I open the window, wafting out the bad smell.

“Jeez, try not to burn the house down please” I laugh.

She joins in laughing with me, dumping the plate of black crisps into the bin.

“The phone rang and I forgot all about them” She protests.

I get my school gear and grab an apple from the fridge.

“Looks like its fruit for me this morning then” I joke, kissing mum on the cheek.

“So maybe my poor cooking skills are a good thing then? I’m keeping you healthy!” She grins giving me a hug.

“See you later mum” I shout walking out the door.

“Bye Hun, have a good day at school!” She shouts out after me. 

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