The Kiler in the Shadows

Sabitha has been given a mission, to many this will be impossible. If she does this, she can save her brother. If she doesn't, it will be her that needs saving. No matter what, Sabitha can't run away from her destiny.
(Just to let everyone know the girl in the cover is me.)


2. Chapter Two

As I sat on the soft green cushion, my brown yes staring at him. The silver knife under my belt. I thought if what I done was moral. If it was right. This was a question that I asked myself before every mission. A few kills, that's what I thought. Just to get enough money to save my brother, I had told myself. I didn't want to become a killer. But that's what I am now. I know there is no chance for me to go to heaven now. I know that I will burn in hell, tormented by all the souls I had. Killed. I didn't even know who they were. I assumed they were all criminals, but as I watch the smiling teenager in front of me. I realize that he couldn't be a criminal. Poor guy! He didn't even know today was going to be his last day.

I watch him smiling, his green eyes focused on his friends. The guy probably had a family. A family that cared for him, a family that would miss him. Unlike me. I had never wanted to know my victim names, by not knowing there name, it made me feel less guilty. It sound  silly, but without knowing there names, it w as just like they were strangers.

As I stand up, my long black hair tossed behind my back. I walk towards him. I know the dress I wear makes me look like a pretty doll. It made me feel innocent. But, I was anything but innocent. I was tainted with evil. The bar smells of sweat, and drunk people. Many of the people were drunk, having had too many drinks. I knew that tommorow, nine of them would remember what happened today. As I strided towards my victim. I get stopped by a young man, who rank of cigarettes. His face which had aged too much, took me in. A young girl wearing a purple dress. I bet he thinks he could hurt me. Not knowing that I could stop his heart beating in a minute. I flash him a look. It must of been a scary look, cause the man apologizes before swaying away.

My eye search among my audience. Where had my victim gone? Before I see him, talking on the phone. I watch him step own into the fresh air, and decide to follow him. I shove past the drunk fools, and see my victim talking on his phone.

"Yes mum. I'm fine. I'll.come home in an hour. I promise. I love you too mum." the guy says on the phone.

As the young guy talks on the phone. I think about what his mum is thinking right now. She must be worried for him. She seemed kind of controlling but caring as well. All in one phone call, you could analyse who the person really was. The teenager seemed to have a strong bond with his mother.

As i stepped out of the safety of the dark. I took a good look at my victim. His appearance seemed angelic, with brown curly hair, that I thought what would it feel to stroke the guy, seemed to have felt my presence, and looked at me with piercing blue eyes. He smiled at me, as I approached him.

"The stars look beautiful tonight, don't they?"the guy said.

I looked at the night sky, feeling confused as I couldn't see any stars. What was this guy talking about?

The guy must have seen my confused expression, and laughed.

"The stars you don't see. Like my dad. I always know he is watching."the young guy says.

I wonder what happened to his father. I understand the pain of losing your parents.

"I understand. I lost both of my parents." I say to him, then wonder why I was talking to him.

I was sent to kill. Not to socialize, I told myself, brushing my belt where the knife held.

He doesn't say anything, and for that I am grateful. I hated when people apologized, it made me feel weak, an  I was anything but weak.

The guy phone rang again, an  I watched him check the caller id. It must of been important, because he bit his pink lips.

"I'm sorry my mum is phoning. She gets worried a lot. I have got to go. My name is Chase."the guy told me.

"Sabitha." I say.

"Well I hope I meet you again beautiful night star." Chase tells me, before running off.

Night star. I close my eyes, the way he said it made me feel strong but beautiful. I only realize minutes later. That I had let him go. I was going to be in a lot of trouble, if I didn't kill him soon. My head was on the line. I would have to kill Chase the next Tim  I saw him, no matter what. It didn't matter, how innocent, or loving Chase was. My brother is still in hospital, I had to get money. For him. I close my eyes, and know my parents would be disappointed in me. I know my brother would be scared when he sees the monster I become.

I'm sorry.

I take the knife from my belt, and throw it away. I wouldn't need it tonight.


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