The Kiler in the Shadows

Sabitha has been given a mission, to many this will be impossible. If she does this, she can save her brother. If she doesn't, it will be her that needs saving. No matter what, Sabitha can't run away from her destiny.
(Just to let everyone know the girl in the cover is me.)


1. Chapter One

I stand outside the ward down, inside lays my sick brother, crumbling away in front of me. The doctor looks at me, and then at him in pity.

"Miss Sabitha his condition is deteriorating. Soon it will be too late." the doctor mumbles at me.

I look at my older brother, his illness getting worse. It should have been the other way around. I should have been ill, then my brother would know what to do. He would make everything right just like he always does. Me an  my brother are similar, we both have brown skin and black hair. We both got that from our parents, it always looks better on my brother though. I bit my lip nervously.

"Then do chemotherapy." I reply.

"You know that I would like to, but you must pay for it first." the doctor tells me.

"How am I supposed to get so much money though. Here take my blue pendant." I say, fingering my mother's pendant around my neck.

"That won't help much. It will cost thousands of pounds for his surgery. Five thousand at the very least. Don't you have any family to ask for some money?" the doctor questions me.

"My parents are dead, have been dead for the past five years, and none of their family are even close to our family, they won't give us anything. What can I do?" I ask.

Our parents died in a car accident five years ago, I was twelve years old then, my brother was seventeen. My brother looked after me, gave me everything a mother and father would. He loved me so much, that I didn't even miss our parents that much. A year ago, my brother discovered he had leukaemia. In that one year, my brother health has decreased so much. Now I was the one that had to look after my brother.

"I understand. But there is nothing I can do. Get a job, you must do something or you must give up on him." the doctor told me quietly.

"I won't let him die. I will get the money. I will save him!" I shouted angrily.

"Shouting won't do anything. You haven't got enough time left, maybe three months." the doctor tells me.

"I will get enough money. I will save him." I stated, even though I didn't know how.

Five thousand pounds, how was I going to get that. I had nobody to turn to. Nobody to ask for any money. 

"You're brother wants us to stop trying, wants you to stop trying to save him." the doctor told me.

Of course that's like my brother. He doesn't want me to suffer to try so hard to save him. In a normal circumstances, I would have listened to my brother. But there was no way, I was going to give up. I would do anything to save  my brother. I had already sold most of my parents treasure, and worked every day just for my brother hospital bills.

"You listen to me. I am the one who pays you. I will not give up never. I will get the money, and I will save him." I answered.

"Very well, we will keep trying. I hope you get enough money before it's too late. Your brother life is at stake." the doctor says to me.

"I know that. I will no matter what!" I shout angrily, seeing the doctor walk away being helpless.

I look at my brother in the window, his skinny frail body lying there like a corpse. The tubes and wires attached to him, giving him the life support he needs.

I will save you brother, no matter what. I won't let you leave me too.

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