2. Stranded ~chapter 2~

Danis Pov

Chapter 2

I looked up and saw Ashton and gasped. It was Ashton from 5sos. I stood shocked. I started to shake. "Hi I'm Ashton." He kindly said. "And this is Luke, Calum and Michael." He smiled at me. "I know. I'm Dani." I said quietly. "You look cool, wana hang out sometime." He obviously was trying to flirt. "Sure.." I blushed. "Good." He said as I looked at my watch. "Crap got to go to work!" I yelled as I ran past. I needed to work to pay for food clothes and more so I won't starve and go naked. I finally arrived at work. It was


I was so relieved that I wasn't late.

I smiled and grabbed my uniform out of my bag and went into the bathroom. (I worked at nandos so I got a discount.) I got changed into my uniform and waked out. My boss greeted me and put me too work.

4 hours later.

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