1. Finding ~Chapter 1~

Danis Pov

Chapter 1

I woke up with naughty dark hair a pale face and dried blood on my wrist. I looked at the time


I honestly did not want to get out of bed. "Get your fucking ass down here!!" My abusive dad yelled. I got up sighing. I went into the bathroom and got into the shower. I was singing she's looks so perfect. I got out and brushed my black hair, I dried my hair and went out into my bedroom only in a towel. I grabbed

Some clothes. I put on high waisted shorts with a black croptop. I put on my gravity converse and jumped up and down. I went back into the bathroom and put eyeliner on. I straightened my hair and smiled. "DANI GET YOUR ASS HERE NOW!" I shuttered and walk down the stairs to see a drunk dad with and empty beer bottle in his hand. He grabbed me by the wrist and smashed me against the wall. I held back my tears. He smashed the beer bottle against my wrist. I winced and a year fell down as you looked at your bleeding wrist. There was glass stuck in the cuts. Your brother walked in. "Dani!?" He saw you sitting down crying. You showed him your wrist and the bruise on your back from smashing into the wall. "Oh dani," he grabbed your wrist and cleaned it out. "You owe me tonight he winked." You gaged as you thought of the last time you had sex with your brother. You got up and sighed. You ran out the door. You ran across the street. You saw four guys infront of you with hoodies on them. They were all wearing different Colorado sweaters with black jeans. You bumped into the smallest one. He turned around you gasped. Omg..

Well that was the end of this chapter hoped you like sorry it was short it kept deleteing 😋

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