My parents died three months ago. There's no easy way to say it. There was a storm, there was a road accident. They both got killed. And I haven't been back to school since. And tomorrow, I return.


2. Isaac

The seats have been moved around since I was last here, so I get put in the empty seat at the back, alone. Mr Invisible sits in the seat beside me, and to be honest, I'm quite glad of it. It means nobody asking questions, bothering me.

I stare out of the window in a daydream, and don't even notice the new transfer student get introduced and shown off to the rest of the class. The first I know about it is a warm hand on my shoulder and a soft "Hey," under breath.

I snap out of my transfixed stare and turn my body to face him. He's...hot. And that's not a word I use lightly. I immediately dislike him. Anybody as picture-perfect as him is sure to be a complete asshole. He has dark brown hair that lies in a short layer on his head, icy blue eyes that stare right through you and a body to die for.

"I'm Issac," he whispers, as Miss.Reynolds begins the lesson.

"Nice to know," I reply blankly, staring back out of the window. I do that a lot recently.

I feel him lean across and look at my exercise book. "Allison? Hm, nice name. Allison Jackson," he comments. His arm is touching mine, and for some reason I don't pull away. Usually contact with strangers makes me uncomfortable, but he...doesn't. He's so open and friendly. A complete alien to Ashton High.

"My name is Allie. I hate the name Allison," I say, not giving him much.

"Ah. That's pretty. So, are you new here too? I saw the teacher assign you a seat," he asks with a smile.

Should I tell him? Should I explain the sorrow and shit I've had for the past three months? Should I tell him all about living with a total love-free Auntie and nobody to talk to about how empty I feel? The answer is no. He doesn't need to know all that crap. Besides, it would be nice for someone to like me for me, and not judge me as some fragile little girl on the point of tears.

"I was off. For a while. But I'm better now," I say. It's not a lie either. I do feel better, even just by a fraction.

"Okay, well nice to meet you Allie Jackson," he says, and his breath is suddenly hot on my neck. He's right there. I look around, and find myself eye to eye with the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen.

"Has anybody ever told you that you're beautiful?" He tells me, his eyes sparkling like pools of starlight.

I shake my head. No, nobody ever has.

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