Heartache on the Big Screen

We hated each other. But then we were forced to play in a movie together. And the kissing scene is the moment when everything changed.


1. Chapter One - Hope


Let's start up with what I hate:

I hate maths, I hate homework, I hate studying, and finally, I hate school, and all of it.

And that's why I transfered to Hollywood Arts High.

You see, it's the best school ever! You only "study" singing, dancing, composing and acting. And it's the dream school for any 17 year old teen. So, I'm kinda lucky, aren't I?

And, even better than expected, every year, the directors organise auditions/contests, and winner get to star on TV in a very romantic movie.

But, this year, they made it greater than ever. This year, there are more winners who get to star for a movie at the cinema.

There were more winners this year. They evaluated you from 1 to 10 and the one with the most points gets the right role, which is the principal character's role. And so on...

And this year, I went to that audition. And fortunately, I didn't faint. Or worse, die...

* * *

"And the girl who wins the principal feminine character is..."the head teacher stops and his eyes shift to me.

I bit my lip.

So I was the loser.


"-Hope Prior!"

My eyes grew wide. Me!? How? When?

Everyone started applauding and cheering.

"What!?"I whispered.

"The rest of the winners are written on the door."the head-teacher pointed to the door.

Then he left.

"Hope!"my best friend, Cara, waved her hand in front of my eyes.

I turned to her.

"He said Harry Potter, right?"I said, still surprised.

She gave me an "are you serious?" look.

"Hope, you won! Why is it so hard to believe?"

"Because I never won anything at this school before!"

"Hope, you won and you better believe it!"

She thought for a second.

"Let's go tell Ashton!"she said.

Oh, no.

She grabed my wrist and started to run, dragging me after her.

As you may have noticed, Cara loves to run. Sadly - as you also may have noticed - I don't.

We ran to the hall and straight to our lockers. I opened my locker - a pale blue one with the U.K. flag painted on it - and saw a small white piece of paper fell from it.

I read it from the ground.


Firstly, Congratiulations for winning the principal character's role for the new movie!

Secondly, please meet me in my office as quick as you can. I'll be there.

Mr. Simmons, the head-teacher.

I smiled. I was proud of myself.

But before I could take it, somebody else did, and handed it to me.

It was Ashton.

"Ash, hey!"I greeted, hugging him.

"Whoa!"he said, faking shocked and making me chuckle. Then he gave me a suspicious look. "You never greeted me like this! What did you do?"

I faked guilty. "Oh, my God, how one Earth did you figure out? How can it be so obvious I killed 10 people!?"I joked. I gasped with a loud noise.

Ashton laughed. "Ok, but seriously now, what happened?"

"Hope won the audition!"Cara sang and shouted at the same time before I could say anything. Then she jumped next to me.

"Yeah, but-"I started but Cara cut me off.

"Oh, yeah, Miss NotSoConfident here still doesn't believe it"she said. I glanced at her as she rolled her eyes.

"Hope, that's great!"Ashton said smiling.

"Thanks. Um... Sorry, I gotta go to the Head-teacher's office."I excused myself.

"But we're coming with you! Aren't we, Ash?"Cara said, and both of us looked at him.

"Sorry, I can't. Today's the audition for the masculine roles."Ash said.

"Right!"I said as I remembered. "Sorry. I forgot it was today."

"No problem."he said grinning.

"Kay, let's go!"Cara said, grabbing my wrist and started dragging me behind her.

I rolled my eyes and groaned silently so only I could hear it.

"Good luck!"I shouted as and looked at Ashton over my shoulder, earning a smile from him before Cara and I started running.

* * *

"I hope Ash wins the masculine principal role."Cara said, playing with her fork through her spaghetti.

"Yeah."I agreed, taking a sip from my Diet Coke.

"Hey, but at least you won! Let's have a toast and celebrate!"Cara yelled.

"Celebrate what?"I heard a voice behind me.

I rolled my eyes, recognising that voice.

I turned and saw Luke Hemmings, the school's bad boy.

I told you what I hate, didn't I?

Well, I forgot about Luke.

"Me winning-"I started, ready to make his mouth fall, but he cut me off.

"Look, loser, I don't care if you won 1 or 2 points at the audition, you're still the stupidest one here"he said, then left.

"Idiot"I muttered under my breath and rolled my eyes.

"He has no idea, don't you worry."Cara said, grinning.


I took a bite of my sandwich.

"So, you got the script?"Cara asked.

"Oh, yeah!"I said with my mouth full.

I reached for my bag under the white table and try to pull out the script. Cara bent down and helped me, until we both slammed the heavy script on the table.

"Ouch"Cara said. "Well that's a big of a script"

"I know"I sang in a bored voice.

"Hey,"Cara whispered, "if Luke went to the audition, what lame role do you think he'll get?"

An evil smile played on my lips.

"My ex-boyfriend. One of the first parts of the movie is when he begs me on the knees for forgiveness."

Cara laughed. "Suits him perfectly."

I chukled. "Yeah. I think after the audition he'd start crying."I said.

* * *

The next day, the head teacher invited me to the studio for a tour, to get used to it, since two days from then we will start rehearsing.

One guide showed me all the rooms, and in the midlle of the tour, I saw Luke behind me.

"What is-"I started asking what was he doing there.

"Questions after the tour."The guide said.

I rolled my eyes.

When the tour ended, I asked.

"Excuse me, but what is he doing here?"

"What is she doing here?"Luke asked harshly.

"Didn't anyone tell you?"the head teacher said.

"Tell us what?"me and Luke asked in unison.

"You are the two principal characters."


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