Last of Summer

Just a little extract of down thing I'm willing to write if it gets interest;
Em & Hal have been together forever. Well not quite forever, but when Em's leaving with no explanation Hal's left angry and heart broken. The pair meet again only a few years later and Hal wants answers.


1. chapter one

"Please don't." I shake my head and grab her arms, pulling her towards me. My hands wrap around her forearms and I stare intently at her face, silently begging her to look back. She just shakes her head. This can't be happening. Me and Em are good together. Better than good, brilliant, she knows this.

"I'm sorry" she whispers at me, her eyes still avoiding mine, she's gazing at the floor. "No. No! I won't take 'sorry', Em. 'Sorry' won't fucking cut it!" I'm angry. I push her back from me, she's stumbling but I don't care. I spin, avoiding having to face her and run fingers up through my hair. It's gotten long this summer, the brown curls knotting together.

"Hal, please." She's trying to talk to me but I'm so angry I can't control it. I'm standing still, facing the bedroom door. Her house is empty, not only of people, of things too. Everything that's made Em, Em, is stored neatly into boxes. Her family have gone to a hardware store to pick up some final pieces for the move.

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