Your Fiction, My Reality

This is your chance to enter your fandom! Start by following the instructions on the first chapter and then I'll try and put your character up as soon as possible! It will start with my character Alkina Summers. Hope you enjoy!!!��⚡����


3. Skylar Winters

My name is Skylar, Skylar Winters and I am in my sixth year at Hogwarts. The atmosphere is tense as I step forward and lean towards Fred Weasley but before my lips can touch his he disappears into a cloud of smoke. I jolt awake and try to calm myself down by running my fingers frantically down my long blonde hair for months now I have had dreams similar to this and I always have to remind myself that he is still here, Fred Weasley is still alive. I look around the dark dormitory at the four sleeping figures arranged in a circle, Ginny on my left and Luna on my right then I let out a deep sigh not of contentment but of fear as I see the neon green light flash outside my window. A scream. Then nothing. I hear stirring next to me and I watch as Ginny wakes up goes up to the window and screams, for outside of the window is a boy with red, longish hair "No!" I scream "Fred can't be dead!" Then I saw his face and I put my arms around Ginny as it wasn't Fred, it was Bill. I looked at her and her face hardened, she was no longer the girl who was shy around her crush, now she was a girl affected by war and I hated it. As I put my arms around her into an embrace I felt something that I normally never felt. Anger. Then I saw something that I never expected to see, was that? No it couldn't be, but yes it was, Harry Potter, The Chosen One was here at Hogwarts. I had to distract Ginny, not let her see, as if I did then she would go and find him but if he was here then it meant something, if he was here it was to kill Voldemort and I wanted, no needed to help him. Too many families had been torn apart by the second wizarding war and I needed to destroy you-know-who if so many countless couples wanted to be together, including me and Fred. Out of the window I watched the sunlight glow through the clouds and I knew the final battle of the war had begun. I rushed downstairs to join in, followed closely by Ginny and Luna who had quite literally just appeared out of bed, her dirty blonde hair flying behind her and her blue eyes glinting with excitement as we tore through the corridors that after six consecutive years at Hogwarts were well known to us and we could find our way to the Great Hall fairly quickly and battled our way towards Mrs Weasley and the rest of the Weasleys, including Fred. Fred and I exchanged experiences since the wedding and it turned out that Bill wasn't dead, it was Mundungus using Polyjuice to infiltrate Hogwarts and feed back to the Order, I sighed and looked at Fred who looked so much older in the candlelight from the Great Hall. A bang brought me back down to earth and Fred and I looked at each other and rushed to the aid of several Dumbledore Army (DA) people who were battling three Death Eaters and by the look of things, losing. We grabbed hands as we sprinted through the crowd and as we got there I heard Fred shout something
"Percy? What are you doing here?" 
Percy replied by saying that he was a pompous prat and a ton of other bad things about himself, which Fred took gratefully, and when Percy told Pies Thickneese, the Minister for the Ministry for Magic, Fred looked at him in disbelief and asked if he was joking. 'BANG'. Apart from the ringing in my ears I could hear nothing and when I looked toward Fred all I could see was Percy, cradling someone in his arms and at first I didn't look, I was afraid of what I'd see, but when I did it was my biggest fear confirmed. Fred Weasley was dead.

Now I am old and wrinkled and married to Fred's twin, George Weasley probably the only person who knows how I feel. I am about to die and meet my love in my next adventure. I have read the Harry Potter series cleverly written by my sister in law under the alias J.L Rowling. You may think it's fiction. Well it is. You're fiction is my reality

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