Your Fiction, My Reality

This is your chance to enter your fandom! Start by following the instructions on the first chapter and then I'll try and put your character up as soon as possible! It will start with my character Alkina Summers. Hope you enjoy!!!��⚡����


2. IntroductionSssssSsss


Hi! My name's Alkina Summers and I am a mutant. I know everyone is but I have special abilities, I am a grade 4 manipulator. How many of you have heard of the X-Men? How many have you thought that it was fiction? Well it is- your fiction is my reality. I have seen friends and enemies die and be reborn, I have seen what people can do to the people they fear but most of all I have seen friendship at its strongest. Being a superhero isn't all fun and games, my fellow X-Men know that but that is why the films were created, to make sure nothing that bad happens again and to prove that we are not a threat but the films didn't work the way we wanted them to, instead of showing that we're not dangerous the films made people more scared of us than ever and we are currently in hiding in America undercover (any mutants get in contact with Charles at This book I am writing will hopefully open up the eyes of any non believers or people who are scared or worried about people who are different or more evolutionally advanced to them for as my friend Jean Grey said
"Mutation, the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single celled organism to the dominate species on the planet. This is a slow process normally taking thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia evolution leaps forward..."

So why should you be scared of people like me?

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