Your Fiction, My Reality

This is your chance to enter your fandom! Start by following the instructions on the first chapter and then I'll try and put your character up as soon as possible! It will start with my character Alkina Summers. Hope you enjoy!!!��⚡����


4. Ariadne ChaseTbis

This is for my fandom friend Ariadne Chase! Enjoy children!


I look down over the camp and over Manhattan from my perch on top of the Empire State Building and groan, I can see the destruction that the titans had created everywhere. I smile briefly as I watch the stupid unsuspecting mortals bumble around looking at the rubble as if it was a priceless statue, really the things mortal eyes ignored! I swept my black/ magenta dip-dyed hair round my shoulder and out of the corner of my eye I saw a mortal that looked too much like my old crush Luke. I shouldn't have stayed looking, I should've turned and taken the lift back down to the destroyed streets, destroyed sidewalks and many Chevys that littered the city, but instead I stayed and let myself be swept away by time. When my surroundings changed and my vision cleared I looked around, where was I? There was no immediate answer to my question but I saw a shadow looking at me from across the floor and I debated running but decided against it and carefully edged towards the shadow that I could see and as I walked towards it it multiplied into two, three, four, five until I could just see a table full of judges debating something. Oh! I could also see something else, the fact that they were all DEAD. Damn! I thought, I was in the underworld watching, Luke's?! fate being decided by a bunch of ghosts. Even though I wasn't a child of Apollo I could predict the outcome and I was right. "Fields of Punishment" I heard the judge decide and as I heard this a figure appeared in front of me and it was of such beauty I could've sworn that it was my imagination but no, it was Aphrodite the goddess of love. 
'What are you doing here?' I asked her 
"I am here to help you save Luke" she smiled
'But he was condemned' I said drooping a little at the thought of him having to suffer for eternity. She watched me sadden then said 
"I will plead for his case for you then, Orpheus it remains in your hands whether Luke lives or not."
Then she walked into the court where Luke stood and gave a whole speech on how Luke was a hero and should be given a second chance. She then introduced me and I was given one chance to rescue Luke or for him to be lost to us for all eternity. The plan was simple, I was to lead Luke out through Orpheus' exit but, like Orpheus, I was not to look back otherwise I would lose Luke, my only crush. I couldn't believe I was going through with this I would never had admitted my crush on Luke to ANYONE and yet here I was leading Luke out of the underworld under the pure influence of my heart. 

The time came for me to return to the mortal world and I have to admit I was nervous about everything, even the whole concept was a nerve wracking thought but I was going to go through with it, for Luke. We begun our perilous journey of love through the underworld and the only thing that kept me going was the thought of freedom for Luke. Suddenly I gasped for I could see the light of day and for a moment I considered turning around just to see if Luke was still following but something stopped me- was it initiative? I wasn't sure, but whatever it was I was glad that it had kept me from turning round and left me with the chance of a happy life where I could live at Camp-Half Blood hand in hand with the boy of my dreams. We exited and I saw all my dreams come true as a very alive Luke and I shared a hug.

Now I am grown up and have great grandchildren who, of course, attend Camp-Half Blood during the summer. I have read and re read the Percy Jackson series many times and now have written my own chapter in Percy's story- the story of Luke and Ariadne. You may think it's false or fiction and you are right, your fiction is my reality.

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