Saving Each Other

"We saved each other. "


5. Luke

I got home all sweaty and grossed and so I went straight to take a shower. After that, I turned my ringer off. I then passed out on my bed without even looking at the screen.


Luke’s pov:

I was bored out of my mind. Beau was out party with his friends and Jai was out with mum. I decided to do a follow spree because I hadn’t done one in a long time. I tweeted: “RT for a follow” and waited until it had gotten a few rts before starting to follow fans. Scrolling through, i decided to follow around a hundred of janoskianators. As I was about to stop, one user name caught my eye. It was BeausDorito, I cracked up laughing. I decided to follow her/him and then logged off twitter. I would tell Beau about the username later.


I decided to take my camera out to town to see whether or not I could get a good shot of something.


Lauren’s Pov:






“Attention seeker”

“Fat ass”

I was sitting tied up to a chair with people surrounding me yelling out those words at me. There were tears rolling done my eyes. I wanted to scream for help but I was gagged. Then the jock I had bumped into on my first day of school walked up to me with a long pointy knife in his hand. He ran his fingers along the sharp blade. He asked me: “ Do you know what this is for?” without waiting he continued “ it is for killing losers like you” The he put the knife to me neck and began to drag the blade across it.


I woke up shaking and shivering. I looked around at my surroundings and breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that I was in my room. What a horrible nightmare.


I grabbed my phone and unlocked it. I went on to twitter and gasped. I had around 150 followers and I didn’t even do anything. I clicked on my notifications and saw that many people had tweeted me. I was so confused, why would people do that? All their tweets read congrats? Huh? Wut? They probably accidentally tweeted the wrong account. I then spotted another mention which read: “you are so lucky, Luke followed you” I gasped. I didn’t believe it. I clicked on Luke’s profile and could not believe my eyes. What. When did this even happen?


Then it hit me. Yesterday, the follow spree. I didn’t even expect he would see my account. I screamed. I was so happy. I did a little crazy dance. This is crazy. When I made this account I never even thought they would notice an lonely girl like me. Luke’s follow meant so much to me. Even though I didn’t know him personally, I felt as though he cared. He knows that I exist. I’m not a nobody to him. I felt something I haven’t felt in a long time, which was the feeling of being loved. I got dressed into my karate kit and got into my car and drove to where my classes were. I had done it for a year and it had been an escape and a way of venting out my anger and despair.


You may wonder why I didn’t stand up to my bullies. If I ever did, they said they would end my life. I couldn’t do it as well, I didn’t want to inflict pain on others. Even though they bully me, I felt as though it wasn’t good to fight back. I would just be doing the same things as them. I got to the gym and greeted my instructor. My instructor was a guy who was about 25. He was very attractive with green eyes and black hair. Except I didn’t feel at all attracted to him. Which was good I guess. After an hour of practicing complex moves that I wanted to master, I took a break. After downing a bottle of ice cold water and munching on a nature valley trail mix granola bar, I was ready to continue with the lessons. Near the end of the lesson, we had a friendly fight. I almost knocked him down before my foot lost grip on the floor and I fell. I picked myself up, bowed and thanked him and left.


Luke’s Pov:


I returned home to find Beau completely knocked out on the coach. Because I am the nicest person ever, I decided to wake him up just for fun. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a relatively big cup and filled it up with water. I then returned to the living room and chucked it at him before running for my life. I dashed up the stairs just as I heard Beau yell “you lil fucker.” I ran into my room and slammed the door and locked it. I then lay on my bed panting.


After a while, I realized the house was too quite for my liking. I turned around and nearly shit my pants. At the corner of the room stood a figure.



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