Saving Each Other

"We saved each other. "


4. Football

I sat there contemplating on what I should make my username. After a while I came up with six different names. There was LaurenTori (Tori is her last name) BeausDorito, Skippyskip, umitsJai, Lxke, JaMeS. I decided to go with BeausDorito in the end. After uploading a photo of Beau with a Dorito, I went to each of the boy’s twitter accounts and followed them. I also decided to follow a few other celebs like Becky G and Austin Mahone because I enjoyed their music. I also grabbed my phone and turned on notifications for all of the Janoskian boys so I would know when they were online.


I browsed through their tweets, retweeting and faving most of them :P. I then shut my laptop and decided to watch a movie. I looked through my shelf at the movies and decided on watching The Fault in Our Stars. I grabbed the cd and headed downstairs to grab some popcorn and then to the basement where my small movie theater was. I pushed the cd in the slot and the movie began playing. I watched as Augustus and Hazel meet up and gradually fall in love. I hoped that would happened to me. I wanted to find the right person for me. Except I was afraid. I was afraid that I would just get hurt even more. When the credits started rolling, I flicked the machine off and grabbed the empty bowl and headed upstairs. As I walked into my room, I heard the ping of my phone go off. I ran over to it and saw that Luke had tweeted: “ RT for a follow!” I also gasped when I saw the time, I was going to be late to football practice if I didn’t hurry up. So without really thinking twice, I retweeted Luke’s tweet and then grabbed my duffel back and ran to the club that was around 7 minutes away from my house.


I arrived at the changing huffing and puffing. Sprinting at full speed for 7 minutes isn’t that easy. I changed into the footie gear then grabbed my shin pads, long socks and boots and walked out onto the field. Thank god I was on time and everyone was just walking towards our coach. Our coach was a grumpy man who would be extremely harsh on you if you were late. I pulled my navy long socks on and placed my shin pads underneath them. I then yanked my boots on and double knotted the strings. I started stretching. If I didn’t stretch, I would end up pulling a muscle. Trust me, it’s not fun. The other girls nodded at me, acknowledging my presence. They weren’t mean like the girls at my school, however the type of girls who would run up to you and hug you.


Coach John started practice off with us passing. Once we had passed the ball, we had to move into another space to accept the ball. We did that for around 10 minutes until he told us to switch to practicing our hook turns and fake turns. A hook turn is basically when one switches direction by hooking her foot around the ball. What the fake turn is, is when the opponent is coming to intercept the ball, you fake going right with your body and use your foot to kick the ball to the left. This would make the opponent go to your right and you would be able to get past her. Coach then made us do some fitness. He said it was important to do cardio so that we would be more fit to run for longer periods of time. Then he spilt the team so we could have a full pitch match.


I was put into a group with 10 other girls. Since the pitch was big, it suited for a game of 11 aside. My position was mid defender. I was in charge of staying a little behind the left and right defender and whenever the ball came to me, I had to job of clearing it or passing it to one of my teammates if they were open. I saw the ball rolling to me. I stopped it and looked around for someone to pass to but they were all in places that weren’t really convenient to pass to. I took my chance and quickly dribbled the ball forward. I yelled for one of the midfielders to cover my place as I went up the field. Laila, one of the forwards on my team managed to get open a bit in front of me so I passed the ball towards her. She was then approached by two of the other teams defenders so she quickly passed it back to me. Because I had no else beside to pass to, I decided to take a chance and shoot. As the ball rolled fast over to where I was standing, I aimed my foot so that the ball would hopefully go into the top right of the net. I then whacked the ball and closed my eyes hoping for the best. After a few seconds, I heard a whoosh and I opened my eyes. I HAD MADE IT!!! My teammates and I cheered. Today was a relatively happy day, I hadn’t felt this happy in a while.


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