Holly Mather falls in love at first sight with the new boy in school... Michael Clifford

Find out what happens in this all new fan fiction to delve into!


1. Chapter 1. Just another boring day.

"Ugh" I sighed as I was forced out of bed and told to get my school uniform on. "Why do I have to get up so early Mum?" I groaned.

"Just because that's the rules." Said Mum sharply.

I started to slowly change out of my pyjamas with little sheep all over them that quoted 'Baaa, I don't do mornings'.(I hate those pyjamas)

As soon as I was prepared for school, I went to call for my best friend, Molly King. She welcomed me in and I sat in the kitchen whilst she sorted her school books out. Then we set off for school...

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