Holly Mather falls in love at first sight with the new boy in school... Michael Clifford

Find out what happens in this all new fan fiction to delve into!


4. 4. The dream come true.

Michael Clifford was from what it seemed like, was waiting for me! "Hey Holly!" Michael grinned.

"Oh.. Hi Michael." I blushed.

"I've come to walk you home." Michael said with a warm smile spread across his face.

"Umm... Okay!" I answered in disbelief.

It was awkward walking home with Michael because I guess I 'fancied' him. He then took my hand and lead me to the ally way to my home. He stopped and looked me in the eye. His greeny brown eyes gazing into mine. "Holly... I really like you..." He said, and I had suddenly realised that he was being serious by the stern look on his face. "I-I really like you to, Michael Clifford, and..."

Before I could say anything else, Michael had grabbed my waist and pressed his soft, red lips onto mine.

My dream had actually come true...

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