Holly Mather falls in love at first sight with the new boy in school... Michael Clifford

Find out what happens in this all new fan fiction to delve into!


3. 3. Daydreaming.

I couldn't help myself staring at Michael and I was concentrating so hard on him that I hadn't noticed that the whole class had fell silent and everyone was staring at me.

Suddenly, a whole rage of laughter was ringing through my ears! I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the classroom and locked myself in a toilet cubicle. I felt tears stinging my eyes and my glasses started steaming up. "Don't you dare cry!" I told myself, rubbing my sore red eyes from the tears.

Once I got out of the cubicle, I hadn't realised that it was the end of the day. I quickly ran to my locker to collect my things and ran out the door in case my teacher caught me and told me off for not being in class.

As I walked out to the bus bay, something surprising happened...

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