Holly Mather falls in love at first sight with the new boy in school... Michael Clifford

Find out what happens in this all new fan fiction to delve into!


2. 2. New Kid In School.

When me and Molly had arrived at school, we packed our bags into our lockers and went to sit down in our form room.

"I have an announcement to make children." Quoted Mrs Parker, who is the most annoying teacher EVER!!! "We have a new member of our school today!"

"Oooohhh" The whole class chanted in unison.

"I would like to welcome to you... Michael Clifford!"

My heart started melting into a puddle of emotion when I saw his twinkling green eyes, which seemed to have the slightest tinge of brown added to them. I think I... I was falling in love with someone who had just this minute walked through the door... He just had the most gorgeous hair which was a rapid shade of red and his skin looked as white as snow...

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