beautifully strange (Palaye royale)

Katerina has always been different and you could say she liked it that way.
But what happens when 3 brothers enrol at her school and refuse to leave her be,
Will their be love or will Katerina remain alone.


1. The ends beginning ( prologue)

Have you ever thought what is normal,I mean we think of normal as what everyone else does but everybody's different in looks and personality so how can anybody be normal? I've struggled with that question for what seems like an eternity.


By the way my name is Katerina, Katerina Crow. Now I always liked being alone I mean that was the reason I had no friends and the fact that I lived by  myself I was just different that way but that was until I met 'them'.

'Them' being the reason of how my life changed for the better or worse I'm yet to figure out but to do that you have to go back to the start of the story.

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